The Reese Touch was created to serve Small Business Owners by elevating their Digital Marketing footprint by adding organization, strategy, and automations across multiple platforms.


Hi, I'm Reese! For as long as I can remember I have always been creative. I am the go to person for my friends and family to bring their ideas to life! I enjoy working in the background helping them execute their goals to make their businesses better- from marketing to naming conventions, to website development. I've touched it all. 

I have my Bachelor of Science in Communication and my Masters in Organizational Leadership. I have spent the last 7 years working in Corporate America across several different departments longing for an opportunity to work in Marketing. I was afforded the opportunity to complete a rotation in the Marketing Department and I knew that was the work I was called to do. Feeling stagnant and unfulfilled in my career I've decided to step out on faith and start my own Digital Marketing Agency.

I'm committed to going the extra mile for my Clients. I want to see you win and I want to see the synergy between your Business goals and your Marketing goals. Working with The Reese Touch, we will develop your marketing strategy, organize your content, and incorporate automations in your digital Marketing! If you already have a good Marketing flow in your business yet you feel like you're missing something- The Reese Touch can help you figure it out!